Licensed Skincare Specialist since 2002, and 2000 Healing Arts Institute graduate, specializing in corrective skincare, Jin Shin Acupressure, Shiatsu, Usui Reiki, Massage Cupping, Essential Oils including Young Living’s Raindrop Therapy and various deep tissue bodywork techniques. Currently in school to become a health and lifestyle coach, Kaera has been offering wellness services at Rejuvenate Day Spa since 2002, including custom detox services such as the Aqua-Detox footbath and far infrared sauna, as well as Total Wellness and Advanced Wellness packages that include super efficient, high-end nutritionals to support a client’s overall health goals. She works with clients to take them from targeted, acute stress/injury care to regular preventative maintenance that works with both their lifestyle and budget. Kaera’s philosophy is “Keep it Simple,”and the focus of her practice is to assist clients with a lifestyle upgrade, through gradual habit change, and making basic body cleansing, exercise and regular self-care, an integral and effortless part of their daily lives.