Hand Lift—20-Minute Essential—$44 

Treat rough hands and forearms to a sugar buff. An enzyme peel is applied to the hands. Relax into a blissful shea butter massage. Scent-free or custom aromatherapy included.


Balancing Foot Treatment—One-Hour Essential—$88 (Includes Detox Tea) 
Enjoy a purifying, skin-softening, hot stone foot soak infused with Rose Quartz to help restore harmony and loving energy! Rough areas of the feet are pumiced smooth. After a knee-to-toe sugar and shea butter skin exfoliation, feet and legs are pampered with fabulous shea butter, hot stone massage, to complete this decadent foot fix. Scent free or custom aromatherapy included.


Aqua-Detox with Mini Foot Treatment—One-Hour Essential—$111 (Includes Detox Tea) Start with a 30-minute Aqua-Detox Foot Bath and a tasty shot of a nutrient infusion. Next, feet and legs are cleansed with anti-bacterial essential oils and exfoliated from knee-to-toe. Hot towels and an exquisite shea butter massage completes your tootsie treat!


Aqua-Detox Ionic Foot Bath*—30-Minute Essential—$55 (Includes Detox Tea)
Stimulate your body’s natural ability to release built-up toxins with this revolutionary technology! An initial series of six footbaths (special series pricing applies) should be completed within one month for the most healthful benefits. No pregnancy, pacemakers, seizures, psychotic episodes or recent organ transplants.

Six Footbath Series Essential—$280 (Includes Detox Tea)


Upgrade to a Wellness Package
+ $80 Total Wellness (Includes Tea, Natural Cellular Defense, and Organic Life Vitamins)
+ $128 Advanced Wellness (Includes Tea, Natural Cellular Defense, and Organic Life Vitamins and Protandim)