NEW! Radiant Health ReTreat — One Hour Essential – $88 (Includes Detox Tea)
30-Minute Private Far Infrared Sauna Session and 30-Minute AquaDetox Ionic Footbath Service


Royal Rejuven8ion Retreat—Five-Hour Essential – $515 (Includes Detox Tea)

Includes 1.5 Hour Massage, Body Wrap of your choice, Custom Purifying Facial, Balancing Foot Treatment, Hand Lift, and Lunch!


Purification Ritual—Five-Hour Essential – $555 (Includes Detox Tea) 

Includes a One Hour Raindrop Therapy Massage, Detox Body Wrap, Custom Purifying Facial, Sauna Session, Aqua-Detox with Mini Foot Treatment and Ear Candling. Includes warm cup of detox tea or lemon water, and replenishing fresh-pressed juice!

Deluxe Day Dream Retreat—Three-Hour Essential – $342 (Includes Detox Tea)
Includes One Hour Aromatherapy Massage with Body Buff and Hand Lift, Custom Purifying Facial, and Balancing Foot Treatment.


Power Body Cleanse (Series Discount Pricing!)
Package to be completed in one month, and the reward for your commitment to your well-being? A savings of $180! No joke. Includes six One-Hour Massages ($494—regularly $594), six Aqua-Detox Footbaths ($280–regularly $330), and six Far Infrared Sauna Sessions ($168–regularly $198)


Power Body Cleanse Essential – $942 (Includes Detox Tea)


Express Cleanse—Two-Hour Essential—$187 (Includes Detox Tea)
An ideal monthly maintenance program. 30-minute Sauna session, One-Hour Massage, and Aqua-Detox Footbath


Express Sampler—One-Hour Essential—$121 (Includes Detox Tea)

Freshen up with a Half-Hour Essential Massage and a Half-Hour Mini Facial


Upgrade to a Wellness Package
+ $80 Total Wellness (Includes Tea, Natural Cellular Defense  and Organic Life Vitamins)
+ $128 Advanced Wellness (Includes Tea, Natural Cellular Defense  and Organic Life Vitamins and Protandim)