Healthful Links & Our Local Favorites

Healthful Links

Shift Network
Access the Best Transformational Education, Media, and Events on the Planet (If you see a class you like, please ask me for my discount link before purchase!)


Revolutionizing Heat Therapy!


LifeVantage (Protandim and TrueScience Products)
Unlock the health coded within your genes to fight the signs of aging and revitalize wellness at the source.


Auburn Naturopathic Medicine
Arm your body with the nutrients it needs to heal mind, body and spirit.

Our Local Favorites

Favorite Yoga Studio
YogaReclaimed Auburn, CA


Favorite Float and Cold Plunge
Capitol Floats Auburn, CA


Favorite Soak
Asha Urban Baths Sacramento, CA


Favorite Michelin Star Dining
Localis Sacramento, CA


Favorite Quantum Healing
The Star Seer: Rev. April Reign