Amazing! Rhonda Allison Corrective Facials offer beautiful aromas, relaxation, but most importantly – results! Our Corrective Facials are a great way to rejuvenate your skin and address specific skin concerns with no down time, but great results!


What happens during a facial? Rhonda Allison Corrective Facials start with deep pore cleansing to remove all make-up, dirt and debris. Natural enzymes are applied, which digest epidermis cells and soften texture. Now the skin is ready to receive valuable nutrients, so we infuse the skin with building & strengthening products to help rosacea, acne, firming, and skin tone. Our masks come next and are full of nutrients and support for all skin conditions. Lastly, your skin will end with specialized moisturizers and SPF protection.


By incorporating services such as extractions and lymphatic massages, and blending in highly specialized acids and cell preps – these treatments take a corrective facial to a further level of rejuvenation.

A chemical peel is a technique which involves the application of a variety of chemical solutions to remove the skin’s damaged outer layers and awaken it to reveal visible improvements. When you select Rhonda Allison for your skin peel, you’re choosing a research leader with more than 35 years of skin care success. Formulated using the science of chirality for optimum efficacy, Rhonda Allison skin peels feature only the purest, highest grade ingredients for maximum results that are naturally scientific.

Rhonda Allison Skincare products are chirally correct, meaning the ingredients are more readily absorbed and effective, giving you the results you desire. No dyes, artificial coloring, or artificial fragrances and over 98% of the formulas are paraben-free. Essential oils and the scent of plant extracts create the subtle elegant aroma of the products. All preservatives are essential oils, plant-derived, and free from toxins.
No Animal Testing!

The planet is one we must all take care of. We at Rhonda Allison are environmentally aware of our planet and endeavor to GO GREEN whenever possible.


All of our tubes, cleanser/lotion bottles and plastic/glass jars are 100% recyclable.


Our airless packaging is mostly recyclable depending on the rules governing your local municipality. We recommend taking the airless bottle apart (pull off the silver cap and collar, twist up the inner and remove) and put all parts in your recycling bin. Your waste management company will handle the rest.


If no recycling programs are available in your area, you may send us your empty packaging and we will recycle for you. Just mail via FedEx or UPS to:


Rhonda Allison Clinical Enterprises
Attn: Recycling Department
1200 Mustang Dr., Ste. 400
Grapevine, TX 76051

One Hour $166


Aging, Dry Skin Types


This peel strengthens skin, stimulates collagen production, improves hydration, and minimizes skin sensitivities, as well as reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

One Hour $166


Sensitive, Rosacea, Impaired Barrier Function, Aging Skin Types


Resuscitates skin. This peel will help strengthen skin on a cellular level while gently exfoliating, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and redness.

One Hour $188

Sensitive, Rosacea Skin Types

Strengthens skin, reduces inflammation, improves hydration and minimizes skin sensitivities, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, for healthy-looking skin. Best for Aging-sensitive, Rosacea Stage 2+, or AHA-sensitized skin.

One Hour $166


All Skin Types


An excellent option for first peel. A great choice for skin strengthening. Address issues such as aging/thinning skin, sensitive/rosacea, broken capillaries, acne, and pigmentation. Light sunburn-like flaking is expected. Best in a series, 2-3 weeks apart.

One Hour $166


All Skin Types


Reduce inflammation, increase collagen production, improve circulation, and relax nervous system and facial muscles with this ancient Chinese wellness practice. Face is cleansed with a silky oil-based cleanser that nourishes and hydrates, and then misted with high levels of hyaluronic acid and other humectants, to prep skin for the Gua Sha. A smooth-edged Jade facial tool is used with a highly advanced, reparative facial oil to slowly and mindfully release, lift and sculpt the face and neck. (Not recommended for rashes, sunburns, or blood coagulation issues).

One Hour $122


Sensitive, Rosacea, Acne, Aging Skin Types, Teen, Pregnancy

Highly active fruit enzymes dissolve surface cells and give the skin a smooth polish. Includes extractions.  


30 Min $88 


All Skin Types


Choose from a wide selection of no-down-time peels, to improve the condition of your skin. Best done in a series, your Licensed Skincare Specialist will find the best peel for your unique needs.

One Hour $133


Relax as your back is treated with the greatest of care. Our “back facial” is designed to deep clean those hard to reach impurities. Includes 30 minute massage!

One Hour $199
All Skin Types

Next level facial with all the Enzyme Facial goodies and more! Rejuven8 depleted skin, body and mind with light, vibration and sound! Jade Gua Sha and tuning forks relax jaw and muscles of the face (great for TMJ and Tinnitus). Administered with client lying on gemstone-filled, heated 5-Therapy Inframat and Pillow offering Far Infrared Therapy, Negative Ion Therapy, Photon Light Therapy and PEMF to synch the body’s natural biorhythms with Earth’s natural magnetic field!

One Hour $166
All Skin Types

A targeted treatment with all of the sophisticated luxuries you desire. This facial safely addresses those hard-to-treat issues that are specifically associated with ethnic skins. Effective enzymatic exfoliation, while skin is infused with nourishing, corrective support, resulting in brighter, healthier-looking skin.

One Hour $188
All Aging, Mature Skin


A powerful layered peel to reduce the signs of aging. Cellular turnover is increased, skin is firmed, toned and softened while fine lines and wrinkles are dramatically reduced.

One Hour $188
All Aging, Mature Skin


Rhonda Allison’s most popular Pro Youth peel! Designed to increase cellular turnover, minimize fine lines, wrinkles, improve pore size and smooth skin texture.


Upgrade to a Wellness Package

  • $80 Total Wellness (Includes Tea, Natural Cellular Defense, and Organic Life Vitamins)
  • $128 Advanced Wellness (Includes Tea, Natural Cellular Defense, and Organic Life Vitamins and Protandim)

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